The Saskatoon Racing Canoe Club

Welcome to the Saskatoon Racing Canoe Club

The Saskatoon Racing Canoe Club (SRCC) began in 1985 in preparation for the 1989 Canada Summer Games in Saskatoon. The Club is dedicated to providing training in sprint canoe and kayak racing. It promotes discipline, excellence, and sportsmanship amongst its athletes, many of who have competed nationally and internationally. Our competitive athletes are found in all age groups ranging from 8 years to 80 years. Our core competitive athletes are between 10 and 25 years of age.!!!!!!!!!!!

SRCC athletes have won many medals at various competitions (regattas) at the provincial, regional, national, and international level. The 2005 Saskatchewan Canada Summer Games Canoe and Kayak Team did extremely well, winning over 20 medals. Half of the team was made up of SRCC athletes.

The SRCC facilities are located in beautiful Victoria Park. Facilities include two boat bays, a warm bay (used for training), change rooms and washrooms. The change rooms and washrooms are shared with the Saskatoon Rowing Club. A large dock on the riverbank provides for easy access to the river.