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School Groups

Dear teachers, 

SRCC invites you to participate in a unique field trip opportunity this spring! We have two exciting options to choose from:

Kayaking on the Pond or Dragon Boating on the river at SRCC. 

Kayaking on the Pond


Locations: Stonebridge, Erindale, Martensville, or Warman South

Days and times:  Morning and afternoon available

Cost: $
200/half day, includes all equipment and two certified instructors. 


We can accommodate multiple classes in a half day. 


No public washrooms on site

Suitable for students of all ages


Email us to arrange dates and times.  


Dragon Boating

On the river at SRCC's Victoria Boathouse facility in Riversdale

Cost: $
125 for a 1 hour class.  The fee Includes all equipment (PDF's, paddles, boats, and other required safety equipment).  Classes are lead by certified instructors. 

Teachers are welcome to participate and/or ride along in the safety boat. 

Best suited in May and June to high schools due to river conditions. 

Email us to arrange dates and times. 


Group Paddle Board Rentals

SRCC rents stand-up paddle boards between the May long and Labour Day weekends.  Each two-hour rental includes paddle and PFD.  More information to follow.

Membership:  $

1 Session: $20
(Initial Rental:  $30 includes annual insurance coverage)

3 Session Package:  $

10 Session Package:  $120

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